I enjoy planning my own vacations. Why should I use a travel agent?

Many of our clients enjoy being involved in planning their own vacations from start to finish and you still have that ability when using a travel agent!  But unforeseen issues arise for even the most experienced travelers, and it is always nice to have someone ready to go to work for you when you need it the most. We are here to assist as much or as little as you would like.

I have already booked my trip directly with the vendor. Are you still able to assist me?

Absolutely!  Many vendors will allow your reservation to be transferred to our agency provided that it meet certain booking criteria.  If for some reason we are not able to transfer your reservation over, our agents will discuss our planning fee with you for vacations booked outside of our agency.

How do we pay for our vacation package?

All payments for your vacation will go directly to supplier you are booking with.  However, as your agent, we must process the payments on your behalf using our agency credentials and processors.  Most clients utilize credit cards for all payments, but many destinations also accept brand-specific gift cards. We do not accept cash or check for payments.

What if a discount is released after I book my vacation?

Disney destinations as well as Universal Orlando Resort will allow us to apply discounts to existing qualifying reservations.  Our agents will work hard to apply future discounts to existing reservations on behalf of their clients.  For other destinations, please speak with your agent or refer to your package's terms & conditions.  Also, please note that not all resorts and/or room types qualify for discounts, and some destinations may charge a small change fee when reducing the price of a package.  

Should I purchase travel insurance?

Yes. We always recommend travel insurance to our clients.  It is a small fee to pay for peace of mind. This is especially true for clients traveling out of the country via a cruise or other tour group such as Adventures by Disney.  Your personal health insurance usually will not cover expenses incurred outside of the U.S. It is advisable to have special coverage in case of emergencies.  Insurance rates and terms may vary from vendor to vendor.   

Is there a cost to work with your agency?

We are paid a modest commission from our suppliers for booking vacation packages with them. Because of this, normally the cost of our services for the booking is covered.    However, we may charge a small concierge service fee for more in-depth, detailed planning.   This is determined on a case-by-case basis and may vary by agent.